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Our advice and assistance of the entrepreneur/professionals in his/her respective business operations is not limited to purely accounting and taxation as we consider the special needs of the customer and its activity.


The tax burden is high. The simplification of the tax laws is hard to find due to the accumulation of new measures. A custom tax guidance of the taxpayer becomes now more important than ever as the purpose of the entrepreneur/professional is surely to become as cost-effective as possible.


A correct administration forms the foundation of a good business. Based on this theorem a further optimization on fiscal, bussiness-economic, budgetary and financial level can occur. Today a correct accounting is very important in this anything but “administrative simplified operation.”

How can we assist you?
Over the years, our firm has built up expertise in the guidance of national and international SME’s and professionals.
Providing advice in the tax, commercial and company law areas. If necessary in consultation with external specialists, each in their field of expertise.
Conducting, monitoring and supervision of accounting. As prefered by the client this can be done onsite or offsite in our office.
Guiding or drawing up periodic reports based on the accounting.
Taking care of the VAT formalities.

Compiling and preparation of the financial statements and annual reporting.

Drafting the returns of corporate and personal income tax.
Providing assistance with tax audits.
Guiding, drafting and advising on investment dossiers and negotiation with financial institutions.

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